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Cashmere is not just cashmere

Cashmere is not just cashmere

In winter you long for soft, warming materials - the choice is clearly cashmere wool. The luxurious wool of the cashmere goat is not only pleasant to wear but also has unique heat retention properties.

Cashmere is obtained at great expense, because after combing out the fur, the quality is sorted by hand. After washing and degreasing, the coarse top hairs are separated from the fine undercoat.

Lehna is our producer in Nepal, who specializes in the processing of high-quality cashmere. The company stands for fair working conditions and the careful handling of the environment during processing. The cashmere comes from Mongolia and is purchased from shepherds in the countryside. The raw material is transported by land to Nepal, where it is processed into fine textiles.

We appreciate the fact that we are allowed to create valuable pieces with the high-quality cashmere, which is sustainably produced and processed. Discover now minimalist design and stylish cuts for your everyday life.